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  • PET CARE TOY: Includes 4 Peculiar pets, 1 sparkly scrub tub, 1 scrub brush, 9 washable markers, 1 standing play mat, and an instruction sheet!
  • COLOR, WASH & PLAY: Color & customize your pets, then wash them and start again.
  • PLAYFUL PETS: Features 1 Dragon, 1 Narwhal, 1 Yeti, and 1 Unicorn toy.
  • PLAY MAT INCLUDED: Full-color standing play mat acts as a background for your tub set. It can be colored in, washed, and colored again.
  • GROW YOUR COLLECTION: Additional expansion packs sold separately.


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4 reviews for My Product

  1. Amazon Customer

    Nice! Absolutely adorable and worth the money

  2. Marni

    My daughter was super excited with this surprise Hanukkah present. The idea is beyond adorable and the “pets” are super cute. HOWEVER, despite following directions and using only included markers color did not completely wash off leaving animal tinted after a single use

  3. Lora

    We got these for my daughter's 5th birthday and she and her 9 year old sister played with them for about 30 minutes. If you don't wash the animals immediately, the marker does not come off all the way when you do wash them (they sat for a few hours after they were done playing). The bathtub feature is cute and works well but overall, this is more like a $10 toy for us and not something I would buy again.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Wow, hit of the party!! Never saw this in stores so got for 4 year old and she and every child at the party loved this toy! A younger child ended up submerging the markers in the tub which caused them to no longer work however I would imagine that any washable marker would work on these. Plus the birthday girl loved just scrubbing the animals in the water tub anyway so it didn't bother her. Love this, would buy again as another gift.

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